Luis Alonso was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1969. He began his studies of photography at the age of 16 and has a professional experience of 19 years.

Alonso developed an important artistic activity, with his works present in more than 20 individual and collective exhibitions. He was distinguished with the National Gallery of Fine Arts Award, National Heritage Award and United Airlines Award, among others.
He takes part of the teaching staff at "Escuela de Cine del Uruguay" and "Foto Club Uruguayo".
His 1.300 square feet studio in downtown Montevideo features top of the line equipments and offers photo production and digital post-production services. All these aspects portray Luis Alonso as a photographer with a large experience, great creativity and technical expertise, who is permanently in touch with new ways of expression and technological advances.
All that makes Luis Alonso a photographer with large experience in team work and great imaginative and technical solidity, being permanetly in touch with new expressive and technological techniques.
His more important works were commissioned by ANCAP, Coca Cola, Mc. Donald's, Fripur, Fleischmann, Inca, Huggies, Frigorífico Tacuarembó and Teatro Solís.